About Us

Adasco Designs is a 3rd generation jeweler in started in 1984, with over 90 years of combined experience in diamond cutting & fine jewelry manufacturing. Our signature Ideal matched Pairs & Layouts are carried by some of the most venerable jewelry houses in the world. Because of our specialized niche, fine jewelers trust our guidance when recommending which pairs of diamonds accentuate their center stones. Whether your center stone is 10ct D FL or a .70ct I SI2, you’ll receive the same level of expertise and courtesy. Rest assured that our accurate grading to GIA standards will minimize unnecessary return shipping for rejected pairs.

With cutting edge technology in our diamond cutting facilities & jewelry manufacturing, including, the latest in high resolution 3D printing & Microscope diamond setting, the level of detail and quality of finish achievable is beyond what was typical just a few years ago. Our diamond cutters are continually creating new diamond shapes, some of which are available only to clients purchasing on a regular basis will allow you to always be a step ahead of your competition and close the sale on the center stone or remount of a client’s existing center stone.